As recently announced, I will attend the “Textile & Fashion days” this march. I finished my range of coats already and am working on a small collection of organic cotton & bamboo dresses.  We’re talking about a lightweight cotton fabric, similar to voile with an embroidered pattern.

A short introduction from this particular fabric supplier:

“We use GOTS certified mills in India and Turkey. Organic means that the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, using pheromone traps, crop rotation, hand picking of bugs and natural repellents.
This allows farmers to grow food and keep animals instead of being reliant on costly chemicals and fertilizers. They receive more for their crop and the input costs are lower and the fabrics will be pesticide free.”

I want to pursue this direction of using as much organic and / or ethically sourced fabrics as possible. This is a small step towards that goal.