Here at NOÉ we have a vision, we have a goal. We are small, but growing and we keep our word.

We state:

We believe in investing in underprivileged women; by supporting in their education, and enabling them to make a positive impact in their families and communities.

With every collection we make, we want to donate 10% of the profit to a project we believe is representing our values.

So, the 10% from last collection went to CHINSERVE, an organisation that covers 3 main areas:

Health, education & emergency help. Their work is impressive and they keep on investing since decades. Amongst many other points they make it possible for poor children to receive an education and they create work for people in a wheelchair who are not able to work due to their condition.

We want you to know that, with every garment you purchase, you are being part of giving to someone who needs help and in supporting an organisation that is bringing just that.

So, thank all of you for being part of making this world a better place!