The first semester of my course is almost over, I have literally read hundreds of books and articles and one would think, that would be enough to cover my thirst for knowledge for the remaining 50 years here on earth.

Not really true. The way I reward myself is…tataaaa…through buying myself some books (jup, not clothes!)….which I am only allowed to touch during my vacation. At least that is what I promised myself when unpacking them. Guess what, I haven’t kept my promise. Anyhow, I have started to read this book: “the mask of masculinity“-very much unrelated to my studies, but i think very much related to life. The point I want to make is, guys, please read it. Its so helpful, not just for men, but for us women as well. This really helps to understand some behaviours and equips us with some tools to better manage relationships.

Also related to that, the documentary “the mask we live in“. So good. So revealing. I JUST DIDNT KNOW THAT! I promised myself, if I am ever going to have kids, I really want to change that in the way I raise them. Generating connection and encouraging vulnerability.