I have a secret love for new and exiting material. That (serious) passion is so strong, that I was questioning my choice to study fashion business…maybe I should have chosen a different career path. The one where I can do research and innovate new materials and textiles the whole day! Only the thought of it…

Anyhow. This week I visited an interesting and innovative fair in London. Again. They usually showcase sustainable (by now, I get the feeling that this word has no meaning anymore whatsoever…) material like organic cotton and linen, peace silk, leather from fish waste or mushrooms and pineapple and many more.

“The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation which initiates and supports projects which contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of industry and society.”

This year I have totally been blown away by 3 new projects, so fascinating!

One of them made biodegradable sequins from oil-derived plastics, wonderful earthly colours, and such a soft touch…Some students from the London college of fashion have developed and grown biomaterial from food-grade…amazing purple colours, as you can see on the picture. A more developed material was tree bark:
“Exactly one cloth is created from the bark of one tree. The harvesting of the bark and its subsequent processing are carried out exclusively by handwork.”. Apparently each square meter of Bark Cloth requires only less than one liter of water!

I can literally not wait to get my hands on those materials…and include them into our collections, meanwhile having the possibility to contribute at least a bit, to make this world a better place. A bit. Seufz.