Done. I have handed in my dissertation for my MA degree in fashion business management, London. It has been an amazing year! I have learned SO much, I loved the modules and this course came at precisely the right time! This course really built up on what I have already known but has also grown me personally. Massively. I have gotten to know amazing people, I am very thankful for this time, our great tutors and the possibility to study at all!

My dissertation is about “creating shared value”:

“In our world today, we are faced with major environmental, social and economic challenges, many steaming as a by-product of industry success. Businesses worldwide could positively influence the course of history through re-defining their “value proposition”. The fashion industry has the creativity, power and financial resources to innovate a new way of doing business that can benefit and not harm all those affected in the value chain. Porter and Kramer suggest that a business must take up responsibility and connect business and society back together. This approach would result in creating economic value for a company meanwhile creating value for society through addressing their needs and challenges.”

The aim of doing business with a creating shared value business strategy is to see a need in society, find an opportunity to tackle this issue and especially being considerate about the wellbeing of people / communities working in a supply chain. In my case, producing my garments in Moldova could be seen as such an approach: human trafficking is a big problem in Moldova. Creating a possibility for women that were sexually exploited, train and educate them (professionally and psychologically) is benefitting a company because employees are happy to work there, more productive and want to stay at the garment factory. This benefits the label as well, since we have productive suppliers that deliver a high quality in garments, but their well-being is taken care of as well.