Again, I have visited the Sustainable Angle Expo in London; the fair that collects suppliers of textiles that are certified or made in a sustainable manner. Its the 4th year in a row I visit, and every time I am so encouraged when I leave. To see the increase in available sustainable material and how suppliers start to change their way of production…being considerate of the environment and people involved.

This time I have been inspired by the possibility to make fabric from grape skins and branches. A lady from Italy has found a process textiles from waste, being produced when making wine. The idea needs some more development, so we – designers and makers – get to actually buy a textile that is available on the market.

Secondly, I really like the idea of making Kombucha “leather” from waste like teabags & sawdust. “After use, these materials can be used as a fertiliser, therefore closing their lifecycle with a neutral, if not positive impact on the environment”. Talking about circular economy here…or circular fashion!

I have found the perfect qualities for my new collection also. This year we will be working with gold printed linen from Belgium, organic cotton & hemp from the UK and peace silk form India. More information regarding the new project is coming soon, stay tuned!