I am so excited for this next collection to be finally be shown! Two reasons for this:

  1. The first time we will be offering some ready to wear pieces, produced in Moldova
  2. The fabrics.

As you might know, it is a real challenge to find attractive material from good / certified sources. Sometimes I wish for some sparkle or fancy, innovative fabrics..not uni cotton. I was over the moon when I discovered this organic cotton with glimmer…then we work with Tencel this year also. Such a soft and comfortable material! And lastly: we have chosen 2 qualities that were made in Switzerland. Wool and what I call a “fishskin” from Création Baumann, located in Langenthal.

We are still producing and making and are sweating..but the results will be out soon, so wait patiently – as we have to do that too:) Greeting from the workshop.