I am currently working on my first “ready to wear”  collection for SS17 – which is a new situation for me. So far I have mainly focused on doing customised clothing and now I am starting to move towards a more industrialised version of my clothes.

Obviously I wont tell too much already but what I can say is, that I am co-working with a swiss textile designer, and besides the hand woven textiles I will work with certified materials again (cotton, silk, bamboo and a newcomer: peace silk –  banana leaf fabric).

I have found a way to do the prints by hands and have therefore purchased the ingredients form a local pharmacy. They are all easily degradable and not harmful to the environment. After giving it a try I am more than happy with the result and decided to implement into my first capsule collection for good.

Here you get to see some first impressions from my print session this week:)

Pictures: Anja Fonseka