This is a wedding dress, or lets say an ensemble that will be worn at a wedding.

We are looking at a silk taffeta skirt with pleats, closed in the back where we also have hidden buttons and buttons covered with the same taffeta used for the skirt. I also draped a belt which can be added on the waist.

The top is made out of a mesh fabric; the edges I covered with an elastic bias binding. The good thing about that piece: its washable, 30 Degrees:)

Then we have a silk lace jacket, open in the back and closable with a hock (sort of). No lining on this one as it is see through; so I finished all the hem’s with a shiny bias binding.

My customer bought all the fabric in Italy, so its made there and you can tell its a wonderful quality by working with it.

This was absolutely challenging to make but in the end very rewarding!