This is the first time NOÉ will be presenting a small collection in a public space & we are quite excited!

As you can read in the vision statement, we see it as one of our major goals to work with organically & ethically sourced material.

This is not easy to achieve, since there is only a small range of existing (and exciting) fabrics available. And then there is always the question of what exactly is organic, ethical or fair trade…Nevertheless we purchased some organic cotton and bamboo from the UK, which is made in a certified mill in India to start with.

All organic cotton and bamboo is being produced in GOTS certified mills, and the bamboo is OEKO-TEX® certified as well.

Especially for start ups or lets say young labels that want to do business in this manner, its is a big challenge to find anything that is affordable since we have small budgets and small quantities to start with.

Nevertheless we wont give up and start with what is available now, for us, and grow with the market & budget:)

Have a look at the event at the swiss textile college in Zurich, the “textile & fashion days”:

Swiss textile college