NOÉ has had the privilege to work on a short notice and interdisciplinary project with USM / Teo Jakob in Bern. In my studies for the module “marketing & branding” we had to develop an online marketing campaign for an existing brand in London. Already then I found great joy in bringing different fields together and I had the slight feeling, that this will be the future way of working together: across fields. So this project is exactly what I was hoping to see happening more often in Switzerland upon my return. 

For future visitors: have a look at the PLAYLAB in Bern, where other designers from the area will also display their new collections. You will find not only clothes, but shoes and bags, and obviously the newest furniture collection of USM / Teo Jakob! 

Have a look at the pictures to get a first impression. Some of the clothes I have added to the online shop, some you will only find when you visit the showroom.

Furthermore, there will be a printing event in June, for a limited amount of people who can print their own kaftan-marble top! You have to register for that or in case you don’t want to print but watch: the space is open for everyone. Further details will follow, so stay tuned!

Photo credit: Bruno Augsburger